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Slow Fashion

Here are some realities of the fast fashion industry and what La Fille Colette is doing to counter them.

  • 95% of the clothing Americans bought in the 1960s was made in the US. Today, Americans only make 3%.
  • The majority of the estimated 40 million people who work in the garment industry make less than $3 a day.
  • The fashion industry is fifth in the world in how much pollution it causes globally, tied with livestock.
  • Today, we buy 400% more clothing than we did 20 years ago.
  • The average American throws out 82 lbs of textile waste yearly. 

La Fille Colette garments are made in America, by workers receiving fair wages. We are helping to reshore the garment industry and keep manufacturing jobs in the US.

Our dresses are made in small batches, ensuring minimal waste and less excess inventory. Our fabric scraps are recycled.

By making clothes that are meant to last years, in styles that will last just as long, we are standing up to the harmful notion that fashion can be disposable. 

Colette Chretien with model in Penelope dressAnna Tabakova Photography

Sources: The True Cost, 2015; To Die For, Lucy Siegle; Pulse of the Fashion Industry, Copenhagen Fashion Summit

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