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What is Slow Fashion?

Posted: Jun 21 2018

what is slow fashion la fille colette


If you're just starting your journey into shopping more thoughtfully, you might be wondering what it all means. What's the difference between sustainable fashion and eco fashion? What about slow fashion vs. ethical fashion? And what the heck is vegan fashion? Is it edible?!

You may be wondering which classification is the most important. Well, that all depends on your own values. Let's break it down.

Slow Fashion

Let's face it. We're accustomed to a fast lifestyle. Food, technology, travel, same-day shipping... Things have never been this fast or come so easily in history. And thanks to fast fashion, there are no longer 2-4 fashion seasons, but one for every week of the year. But just because we can buy a new dress for each event we go to doesn't mean we should. Slow fashion is simply about slowing down the cycle and taking a more considered approach to what we wear. It's about investing in timeless, versatile pieces that are made to last

Eco Fashion

Eco fashion focuses on the impact clothing has on the environment. Eco fashion brands take into account all stages of a garment's lifecycle and aim to use the materials and methods that are gentlest on the planet. You'll find lots of debate in this sphere over what's most environmentally friendly, because every new piece of clothing uses up resources and takes some kind of toll on the earth.

Vegan Fashion

Vegan fashion, also known as cruelty-free fashion, promises specifically that no animals were used in any way during the clothing manufacturing process. Vegan fashion offers alternatives to materials like leather and silk, although often these alternative, synthetic textiles raise environmental concerns of their own.

Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion is concerned with the people behind our clothes. Ethical fashion brands ensure that their garment workers are safe, treated fairly, and paid properly. Often these models benefit not just the workers but whole communities, by creating employment opportunities, enriching daily life, and injecting money into local economies. 

Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is a broad term that shares many ideals with the slow, eco, and ethical fashion movements. It comes down to creating clothing in a way that is minimally harmful to the communities affected– environmentally, socially, and economically. The essence of sustainability is to leave the people and planet no worse off than they were to start.

What we do

Our garments are made in Massachusetts, where La Fille Colette is based, by people receiving fair wages and working under safe conditions. 

By producing locally, we are able to 

  • help keep manufacturing jobs in the US 
  • invest money back into our own community
  • minimize our carbon footprint by not having to ship fabric and garments back and forth across the globe
  • assess factory conditions firsthand

Our primary goal is to design and make garments that will last years, in styles that will last just as long, keeping their place in women's closets and out of the landfill.


what is slow fashion la fille colette

You can read more about La Fille Colette's commitment to sustainability here and more about our manufacturing here.

Pictured: the Arabella dress and the Madeleine dress

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