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Wired Women: Feature on Style Wire

Posted: Nov 22 2017

collage of la fille colette

Style Wire is a site dedicated to sharing the fashion, food and lifestyle that captivates the Boston-based founder, Elissa. It was a joy to catch up with her and an honor to be called one of her Wired Women!

Read an excerpt below or the full feature here.

SW: Has fashion been in your genes from the get go? How did you know designing was in your future? 
CC: I think so, yes! As a toddler, I would get so much satisfaction out of putting together my own wacky outfits, and as soon as I could draw, I was designing pouffy little princess gowns. When I made my own prom dress when I was 16, that was a big moment for me. I thought then that maybe this could be a career that was going to make me happy in life.

SW: What's your favorite piece you've ever created and why? 
CC: My Cleo dress from my first season is still one of my favorites. Everyone loves how easy it is to wear, while still making a big impact with its design details. I love watching people try that style on and loving how they look in it!

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