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How to do holiday shopping better

Posted: Nov 22 2018

how to do holiday shopping more ethically

Well, it's officially that crazy time of year– holiday shopping season!

Are you getting overwhelmed just thinking of all the gifts you have to get?

Are you tired of buying way too much stuff that isn't doing anyone any good?

Here's your reminder to take a breath and just cross a few people off your list. They don't really expect anything anyway.

For the people who still make the cut– think about who might prefer an experience, something home-made, or a charity donation.

You don't have to get everyone stuff. Our planet will be grateful.

Now for the gifts you do want to buy, we have some tips on how to create the most positive impact with your purchase.

How to do holiday shopping more responsibly

Shop Ethical

Supporting companies that produce ethically means making life better for people all the way down the supply chain instead of reinforcing the exploitative cycle of cheap labor.

Shop Small

Every order matters and makes a difference in the life of a small business owner. One order from a huge chain? Not so much.

Shop Local

By shopping local brands, you're keeping your dollars in your local economy. You earned 'em, might as well have them benefit your community.

Shop Woman-Owned

Female biz owners have been shown to invest more money back into their families and communities than men. No surprise there!

Pictured: the Portmanteau jacket in Forest.

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