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Behind the Scenes- StyleWeek Swim

Posted: Jun 15 2016

On Sunday, we presented our Summer 2016 collection on the runway at StyleWeek. The show took place on the Rooftop at the Providence G, and it was the most gorgeous day, albeit super windy!

Here are some shots I took to take you behind the scenes!


Starting the day with hair and makeup.

hair and makeup


All the shoes are ready to go.


I had the models wear the silliest hoods to put on their dresses without messing up their hair and makeup. These actually might be the best invention...


Guests are arriving- and in matching La Fille Colette!



The amazing Cat Laine snapping backstage.



Our hair look- a sleek "licorice braid." Hair by Betha Wood.



Our beauty look- a graphic and metallic rose gold eye. Makeup by Holly Dalton.



All the models and other designers in the backstage area. It filled up quickly!



And it's show time! All my lovely Dynasty models lined up and ready to go!

models lined up 


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